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Wolf Simulator v 1.1

  • 2017-01-28 23:23:46
  • By Vladislav_Belza

- Completely redesigned night vision
- Added an indicator showing how much you explore the game world;
- Redesigned interface;
- Fixed a bug with the selection of wool;
- Fixed bugs in the selection of the wolf class;
- In a resolution of 1920 X 1080 fixed some bugs in the display of HUD and text;
- Added the sound of the lakes;
- Added more lakes, it is possible to drink a Coke;
- HP is now displayed in your pack of wolves;
- Has reduced the rate of movement of people, they were almost impossible to catch up;
- The opportunity to eat the wolves (the achievement of "cannibalism");
- A note telling about the witch in the forest Central;
- Simplified the passage of quests (it was difficult to find a bush with berries, etc);
- Balanced recovery of stamina and HP;
- Added a new menu;
- Cold autumn nights were even more severe (by reducing the minimum temperature at night);
- Fixed bug pumping speed and strength at high levels;
- Now when entering enemy territory shows the distance to the opponents;
- Is working on the optimization;
- Added a couple of Achievement;
- Fixed some syntax errors;

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