Wolf Simulator

Wolf Simulator is a simulation game featuring survival elements. First, you will have to select a wolf class. Currently there are two: warriors and scouts. The class you choose will affect different characteristics of your wolf, such as speed, endurance, attack power etc. In the course of the game, your wolf will be able to evolve and increase its abilities by participating in turf wars between wolf packs and hunting various wild animals. Participation in territory battles will earn your wolf leadership points, which can be used to found and expand your own wolf pack ruled entirely by you.



The Power of Unity

Unity Editor has a simple Drag & Drop interface that is easy to set up, composed of various windows, allowing you to debug the game directly in the editor. The engine supports three scripting languages: C #, JavaScript (modification), Boo (Python dialect). Unity also supports the physics of solids and tissue, as well as the type of Ragdoll Physics (rag doll). In the editor, there is a system of inheritance of objects; child objects will repeat all the changes the position, rotation, and scale of the parent object. The scripts in the editor are attached to objects in the form of individual components, and etc.

Enjoyable Gameplay

  • -A huge game world to explore.
  • -Short story line.
  • -Dynamic time and weather changes (clear sky, partially cloudy, cloudy with thunder, light rain, heavy rain, snow).
  • -Advanced artificial intelligence of wild animals and humans.
  • -Horror elements.
  • -Many territories to conquer or defend from enemy wolf packs.
  • -Simulated survival in the wilderness, including all conditions (health level, fatigue, thirst, hunger, weather).


Powered by Unity




Work has begun on a new project

  • 2017-05-04 23:35:31
  • By Vladislav_Belza

Work has begun on a new project. We have changed the working approach and are working on our mistakes, we are trying very hard to make the project much better...

Wolf Simulator v 1.1

  • 2017-01-28 23:23:46
  • By Vladislav_Belza

- Completely redesigned night vision
- Added an indicator showing how much you explore the game world;
- Redesigned interface;
- Fixed a bug with the selection of wool;
- Fixed...

Wolf Simulator v 1.0

  • 2016-10-30 00:14:00
  • By Vladislav_Belza

- Added history and photos to the chapel in Yosemite National Park;
- Finalized Kickstarter Island;
- Added a menu item - "Credits", named Bakers, who supported the game at Kickstarter amount...

Wolf Simulator v 0.9

  • 2016-08-25 20:09:35
  • By Vladislav_Belza

- Your pack can now attack the bears;
- Added auto-save game data;
- Added witches house in the forest, the legend about the witch;

Start closed beta-test.

  • 2016-08-09 01:02:17
  • By Vladislav_Belza

Hello ! Now there is an active development of the game, we try to fix bugs as possible, and in the coming days will try to start closed beta-test. Release...

Wolf Simulator v 0.7

  • 2016-07-26 20:30:00
  • By Vladislav_Belza

  • - Now, the poachers leave traps in the woods, be careful.
  • - Night vision (night vision effectiveness increases with the level of the wolf).
  • - Added animal sounds, sounds of the...


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